Classes I Offer

My classes are over on my class site hosted by New Zenler.  They are offered on a seasonal basis, and are taken down after a few months.  This means that if you think you might like to take a class – it might be best to take it sooner than miss out on the option.   Example – Flowers for Spring   Since its almost summer as I write this, this will soon be taken down.

New Zenler also hosts my Gardening With Soule Membership Club. There are many wonderful features to the Club site – in depth detail – specific plant profiles – care videos – monthly live Q & A sessions, and mush more. Check it out!  Gardening With Soule Membership.

One substantial benefit to membership is that you get access to the other classes for free.

In general I have been offering courses on growing and using plants and plant products for a few decades now.  I enjoy sharing my love for the plant world with people (with never any papers to grade!) and I always learn something from the folks who attend – which I appreciate!