Classes I Offer

My classes are over on my class site hosted by New Zenler – Soule Classes on New Zenler.

Some classes are free!

Like this one:

Bird Gardening Class

Sat 22 April 2023.  Pre-registration required.

The Southwestern Deserts are home to many local native birds, including shy pyroluxias, sweet phainopeplas, and the charming lesser goldfinches. Our landscapes, done right, can invite these natives into the city, as opposed fostering non-native species and driving natives towards extinction. Most of the landscape plants in this talk are low-water Sonoran, Mojave, and Chihuahuan Desert natives. This means that native birds know them, and in some cases have search images for them hard-wired in their brains. Gardening-with-soule-bird-native-grow

If you missed the one above, you should still head over to that classes site every so often to see what free goodies might be lurking.  Better yet – get on my mailing list – so you can get the lowdown when they go up on the site.

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Free or paid – most of my classes are only offered on a timely seasonal basis, and are taken down after a few months.  This means that if you think you might like to take a class – it might be best to take it sooner than miss out on the option.   Example – Flowers for Spring – It was only available from January to May.

New Zenler also hosts my Gardening With Soule Membership Club. There are many wonderful features to the Club site – in depth detail – specific plant profiles – care videos – monthly live Q & A sessions, and mush more. Check it out!  Gardening With Soule Membership.

One substantial benefit to membership is that you get access to the other classes (even the paid ones) for free.

Classes for the Masses

I have been offering courses on growing and using plants and plant products for a few decades now.

I flat out enjoy sharing my love for the plant world with people (with never any papers to grade!) and I always learn something from the folks who attend – which I appreciate!

You can read more about the presentations I offer on Great Garden Speakers (.org)