Onions are Easy!

Onions are easy to grow in the Southwest, are tasty to eat in a vast variety of dishes, and are healthy for you too! Part of a Big Family Onions are just a start!    You can add garlic, elephant garlic, garlic chives, society garlic, I’itoi onions, scallions, multiplier onions, walking onions, and shallots to the list.    All of these oniony plants grow great in the nice un-humid Southwest […]

Grow Chard in the Southwest

Chard is beautiful in any garden.  With colors as brilliant as a Southwest sunset, why not plant some of this cool-season beauty.   Sadly, it’s “official” name is not so beautiful. Grow this “Vulgar” Plant for Leaves Chard goes by the scientific name Beta vulgaris – the “vulgar” indicating it is only a commoner and not noble at all.    Also called Swiss chard, this beet relative is not grown […]

The Three Sisters

It is warming up – time to grow the Three Sisters. They are an integral part of the summer vegetable garden. A number of tribes were gardening here long before Europeans showed up, and grew what they call the Three Sisters.  Last week I posted my Top Ten Tips for Vegetable Gardening Success.  I suggest you give that a quick read if you get a chance. The Three Sisters The […]