Feature photo above: lovage, a mild herb that is great in salads.

Cool Season in the Southwest is the time that all manner of tasty annual herbs from cool climates come into their own. Many of these can very easily be grown in containers and thus make beautiful décor for your patio.

Selecting Cool Season Herbs

Cool season herbs feature many plants in the carrot family. They have very similar care needs – so pick any of these. Some are fairly hard to find in nurseries, so you might have to grow from seed. Most of these herbs will bolt (send up a flower stalk) next April, but that’s a good thing – it brings in pollinators.

If you are going to grow prasley, consider the variety that also makes this large “parsley root” that can be harvested and used in cooking.

Carrot Family Herbs

coriander (seeds of cilantro)
parsley, including parsley root
sea holly (requires VERY sandy soil)

Science Nerd Shares

soule-garden-nerdTechnically the “seeds” of members of the carrot family are “dry fruits,” each containing a single seed. Easier for the general reader to just call them “seeds.” I put this note here just in case some Botany pedant is out there, ready to correct me!


Some Other Cool Season Herbs to Try

While not in the carrot family, these herbs like the same growing conditions – starting with cooler temperatures and cooler soils. Some on this list are considered perennial but simply do not appreciate the heat of Low and Middle Desert gardens. Just plant them as annuals and skip trying to baby them thru the summer.

chamomile (annual German chamomile, not Roman)
clary sage
nigella (love in a mist)

peppergrass (considered a weed by some) – here’s a YouTube video

How to grow these Cool Season Herbs is an article in the main section of the website.

Nigella – love in a mist. pod s full of seeds that are used for flavoring – in other words – as an herb.

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