Books I have written.  17 at last count.  Most are about gardening in our unique climate, but there are some cookbooks too. 

I also review books that are relevant (gardening, houseplants, aquaponics), and will post about them elsewhere on this website.

Gardening With Soule Books

Yes – you can buy my books from me.  I will even sign them before I mail it off to you! But I am about to redirect you to my classes site for this.*  I want to keep you safe, and I personally want to never get hacked again.

These are the books currently available.  Click on image or title and it will take you to my Gardening With Soule Membership Site where you can buy the individual book.  If you go to the overall site, rather than an individual book – scroll down to select the book you wish.  There is also a great deal of free content there – so I do hope you will take a look.



Dr. Jacqueline Soule’s valuable Southwest Fruit & Vegetable Gardening book is revised and expanded and better than ever.

“Growing in the Southwest isn’t easy. It’s either too hot or too cold and often very dry. The region hosts a range of soils and climate conditions that can be difficult for a gardener to navigate. That’s why this region-specific garden guide is a must-have for every Southwestern gardener!”

This is the site where you can buy the book signed by the author.





Month by Month Garden Guide for Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico is a must have if you are new to the region – or even if you have lived here a long time. Award winning garden writer Dr. Jacqueline Soule hs lived in the Southwest for decades and shares her valuable experience in this well written, insightful, and very helpful book.
This is the site where you can buy the book signed by the author.



* Why a different site? 

Because sadly, after extensive research, I have decided that the safest, most secure way to sell my books is not through this website at all. Word Press has a poor track record.  For those of you new to my site – I have been hacked twice – and the second time I was ransomed – which I declined to pay.   Both hacks happened shortly after adding a sales page.  (one within minutes.)


I did say I cover the A-B-C’s of Southwest gardening.  Yes I offer articles, books and classes.  I do offer both in person and and Zoom classes related to the topics covered in my books.  More about that on my Classes page.

It’s all about helping you succeed with your gardening goals here in the land of El Sol!

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