June 2024 Garden Tasks

June in the Southwest is normally hard on plants and wildlife, and this year promises to be no different.   All plants, even succulents, are stressed by this normally dry month, and worse than usual with the erratic winds that can dry plants further. June is one of the longest chapters in my Month by Month Garden Guide.  This post is a much shortened version. Need More than This Short Post? The […]

May 2024 in the Garden

May Day is nigh! Time to get your garden and landscape ready for the summer ahead.  Sadly, for 2024, the long range weather forecasts say that it is going to be a hot dry one. May In General In the Desert Elevations – tasks in May revolve around making sure the water system is working. In all elevations, it’s time for fertilizer to encourage healthy growth for the tough summer […]

March in the Southwest Garden

March is upon us.  To give you some guidance as spring arrives in our corner of the world – here are some things to consider for your Southwest garden. Animal Poison Prevention Week The third week of March is National Animal Poison Prevention Week.  Have you ever considered that some very common landscape plants may be toxic to your pets? One example is lantana. Lantana can be fatal to dogs.  […]

February 2024 Garden Calendar

February – shortest month of the year.  There is not very much maintenance or tasks that must be done in the Southwest garden in February, just enjoy the season and any flowers you have.  Tidy up some things – especially in Low or Middle Desert.  Upper Elevations – you get to chill (pardon the pun). Let’s Talk About the Weather Please make note of the Last Frost post. Depending on […]

December in the Garden

Across the Southwest, and perhaps across North America – you can decide if December will be a slow garden month – or if you want to use this month to catch up on things. December Pruning It can be too late (or too early) to prune anything. If you want to though – you can prune rose bushes, or you can wait until January. For the love of all that […]

Garden Calendar for November in the Southwest

November is a wonderful time to get out in the yard for many reasons.  But there is not too much work that you “must” do this month. Tidy Up Personally, I like to get everything tidied up and get it looking good for the holiday season ahead.    Also, some time spent now can eliminate potential problems from the yard that might add to holiday season stress.    Besides, it […]

Garden Calendar for October 2023

October is cooling off, and that’s a good thing because there are many many garden tasks you should get to this month across the Southwest. Yes, even in the Upper Elevations. I don’t have room for the tasks all in a blog post. I did write an entire book on yearly garden care and October was the fattest month. About the cover photo – butterflies are very active in autumn.  […]

Garden Calendar for August 2023

August looms.  And weather is the “hot” topic right now. But really – weather and climate do change. Just a few thousand years ago what is now the desert Southwest was a cool plains area with giant woolly mammoths roaming.  There were people roaming as well – and hunting those now extinct behemoths with spears. So yes, the world weather fluctuates and the climate changes over time even without humans […]

Garden Calendar for July 2023

July and summer’s heat is upon us.  Luckily for us humans – there is not too much to actively do in the garden this month.  Unless you want to.  Then here are some things to consider. Irrigation Don’t let your plants become “drip sip” junkies. Instead of a little bit of water every day, water less often but for longer time, so the water sinks in two or even three […]