Dr. Jacqueline A. Soule

offers the ABC’s of gardening in the land of El Sol.  She offers Articles, Books & Classes – all presented in an easy-to-understand manner, sharing and caring.

And yes – the name of this site is a word play – the name Soule is pronounced the same as soul.

“Writing and Presenting so that you can succeed with your gardening goals.”

Articles & Booksgardening-with-soule-books-sell

Jacqueline is a long-time Southwest desert gardener and award-winning garden writer, with over a dozen published books, all on gardening or using the products of the garden (more on the “books” page).  She is a popular newspaper and magazine columnist (for decades) and her free-lance work appears in a number of national publications.  Along with writing articles and books, she is an active blogger (online articles!) on Gardening With Soule and on Savor the Southwest.

She also creates video “articles” on YouTube.  On Gardening With Soule she discusses the plants and growing them.   Savor the Southwest is a channel that focuses on using the bounty of the Southwest – including foraging and cooking. 

Jacqueline also hosts the Gardening With Soule Membership Club, posting weekly content as well as monthly presentations, and more – all to help subscribers succeed with their gardening goals in the Southwest.  That site is currently not accepting new members.  Be sure to sign up for the Newsletter to stay informed.


Classes (& Presentations)

For over 30 years, Jacqueline has been offering lectures and community classes on gardening – and ways to live lightly on this earth. She is a popular speaker with green industry professionals, garden groups, and in other venues.  Topics she offers for these groups are listed in Great Garden Speakers.

In this age of online classes – her programs are offered on her course site – Gardening With Soule, hosted by New Zenler.


If you wish to book Jacqueline for a presentation or personal class, you may contact her through GardenCommunicators (.org).


Academic Credentials

Dr. Soule has a B.S. in Horticulture and a B.S. in Ecology, Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona both with Honors and Cum Laude.  Her masters is a M.S. in Botany from Michigan State University.  Jacqueline’s Ph.D. is in Botany from the University of Texas. Her post-doc work was at Washington State University. All this “book learning” doesn’t make Jacqueline pretentious, it just means that she has a deeper understanding of how plants and gardening work.

All this academic stuff is just FYI. I tell folks in my classes to call me Jacqueline.

Combine Dr. Soule’s cross-country educational experiences with summers in Vermont and an internship at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia, and this means she has gardened in almost every corner of the USA!  This also means that she can help you better understand how unique gardening here is here in the desert – and how to shift your gardening practices to succeed with your gardening in the Land of El Sol.

Reviews from Great Garden Speakers:

Carianne Campbell from Tucson
I have seen Dr. Soule speak on many occasions, and she is always engaging and informative. Best of all, I ALWAYS learn something new, even if she is covering a topic that I am familiar with. I try to attend her talks whenever I can!

Saddlebrooke Master Gardeners
Dr. Soule, you were fabulous! A huge, heartfelt thank you from the SaddleBrooke MasterGardeners. You packed the house and your talk was so well received. Loved your energy, your humor and so much great information.   We would totally love to book you again for another presentation. Thank you for driving to “Timbuktu.” It was our sincere pleasure to host you. –   Margaret