Flowers for Southwest Summer

Annuals are easy to add for some colorful flowers at almost any time of year.  Most people like some flowers in their landscape. Gardeners and landscape folks call this “color.” Lucky for us, “color” in most of the Southwest is a year ’round thing – with a little planning. Plan for Color The trees, shrubs, and perennial plants that grow in our area have various bloom times, early spring, late […]

Five Tips for Planting Around Pools

A swimming pool in the summer heat can be so refreshing. So that it stays refreshing and fun – and does not turn into constant clean-up chore, some proper planning and planting is needed. If your pool is already in place but anything you plant dies – look over these “poolscaping” planning factors and maybe you can troubleshoot the issue. Either way, plan for these five factors. One. Plan for […]

Garden Calendar for July 2024

July is national “Smart Irrigation Month” so let me refer you to last weeks post about watering your plants in the Southwest. Honestly, one article barely scratches the a topic that entire books are written on, and I had as a class 3 days a week for 18 weeks at University. But I hope that little post helps give the average homeowner a good basis for doing the job correctly, […]

Water for Plants – Part I

July is nigh, and since July is “National Smart Irrigation Month” let’s look at just what it takes to be smart about watering your plants in the Southwest. All plants need more water as temperatures rise and it becomes harder to cool themselves.    Water is critical in our region, but don’t let your plants become daily “drip sip” junkies. “Drip-sip Junkies?” Many homeowners leave their irrigation controllers to factory […]

Colorful Cannas – Part II

Last week I told you that You Can Grow Colorful Cannas.    Just because you can – should you?    Sure – why not!    If you enjoy bright, colorful, lush plants in your landscape, and especially if you have a water garden – you should grow some cannas.    But is that isn’t enough – here are some additional reasons to grow them. Cannas Add A Touch of the […]

You Can Grow Colorful Cannas – Part I

Cannas are (circle all that apply) colorful, tropical, large-flowered, bold, brash, bright, sometimes gaudy, glorious, short or tall, a glorious garden plant.   I hope you circled them all, because cannas are all of the above.    Plus very delightful and very variable. Cannas in the Southwest If you have an entirely desert landscape, cannas won’t look right in your landscape. But – if you are like most of us in […]

June 2024 Garden Tasks

June in the Southwest is normally hard on plants and wildlife, and this year promises to be no different.   All plants, even succulents, are stressed by this normally dry month, and worse than usual with the erratic winds that can dry plants further. June is one of the longest chapters in my Month by Month Garden Guide.  This post is a much shortened version. Need More than This Short Post? The […]

Acacia – Part I

As I write this the native white thorn acacia (Vachellia constricta, formerly Acacia constricta) are blooming in my yard.  I love the fragrance.  So close to sweet peas!  Gentlemen may seek out sweet smelling roses with which to woo the fairer gender, but as a Southwester gardener, I far prefer the sweet smelling acacias around my garden.  Oh, wait, I forgot, they aren’t technically “acacia” anymore. Quick Look at Acacia […]

Desert Mistletoe – Part II

Last week, I started this series about desert mistletoe, to discuss what you might do about it in your trees. Not a Bad Thing Some people try to eradicate desert mistletoe, thinking it is harming the tree.    It be a poor parasite if it killed it’s host.    Yes, it does some harm, but it is a limited amount of harm.  Thus lives with the host trees for many […]