Gardening in the desert – the land of El Sol

Are you feeling overwhelmed by gardening in the desert?

I am here to help you succeed with your gardening goals!

Are you new to gardening in the desert? Or maybe you have been here a while and are feeling overwhelmed? Maybe your landscape is merely okay, but you want a nicer feel to the space – or maybe to turn it into an edible landscape – or a pollinator garden?  Whatever your goals are, I am here to help you succeed with your gardening goals

Pam’s Pink honeysuckle – it grows well in the desert with only a little extra water. I have a video about this honeysuckle on my YouTube channel.

The A-B-C’s of Gardening With Soule


Here on this site, articles = blog posts By their nature, articles are short and merely skim the surface of a topic (IMHO). I only have so many words to share before the Search Engine gods tell you it’s not worth your time to read.  I do my best and welcome your questions to help cover topics that are of concern to you.  Yes, even lawns if you want one.


Books I have written.  17 at last count.  Most are about gardening in our unique climate, but there are some cookbooks too.  Listed under the “Books” menu.  Note that if you use the links to buy the books, the Horticulture Therapy non-profit Tierra del Sol Institute will get a few pennies at no additional cost to you.

For reviews about books – head over to the Resources page.  Resources heading also has things like lists of nurseries, spring wildflowers, and more.



My classes are over on my class site hosted by New Zenler.

New Zenler also hosts my Gardening With Soule Membership Club. There are many wonderful features to the Club site – in depth detail on topics (more than mere blog posts) – specific plant profiles – care videos – monthly live Q & A sessions, and much more. Check it out!  Gardening With Soule Membership

In general I have been offering courses on growing and using plants and plant products for a few decades now.  I enjoy sharing my love for the plant world with people (with never any papers to grade!) and I always learn something from the folks who attend – which I appreciate!


Three Key Points for Success With Desert Gardening

Desert garden success is easy if you keep in mind these basics.  Plants – Places – People.

In my posts and classes I return to this core point.

The right Plants have to go into the right Places – and it has to be right for YOU.

If any one of these three elements is not a match – desert garden success will not happen like you want it to.

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