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What questions do you have about gardening in our unique area?  I write so that you can succeed with your desert gardening goals. To help meet my self directed  “Mission Statement” I listen to your questions and then write about the topic.  But does only one person ask a particular question, or is this a popular topic?

The Results are In

The results for 2023 are in!  And yes, your questions are very valuable!

The most viewed posts for 2023 are indeed based on reader questions.  I am delighted that I have created posts that you want to read.  Note that it is just me, myself, and I – never any “AI” on this site.  My promise to you is that a real live human is here to help you.



You want to know about trees.  The number one and number three most viewed posts were about trees.

Eight Evergreen Native Oaks ranked as the number one most viewed article.  One person asked me about oaks at a live presentation in September, so I wrote the post.  One simple question!  It turned out to be most popular! Is it because it makes edible acorns?  Is it because they were native oaks?  Not sure but maybe me having fun wishing folks “Happy Oaktober” helped drive traffic that direction?


Living Christmas Pine Trees in the Desert was third most viewed. I’m growing my pines for shade and to be nesting sites for hawks and owls.  How about you?  Perhaps because people want to plant something that helps the earth and wildlife, as opposed to using factory farms for cut trees or bringing microplastics into their homes with artificial trees.

Colorful Flowers

Yeah!  People want to brighten their lives and landscapes with colorful flowers.  And why not – I adore some bright colorful flowers in my yard too.

Sweet William.

Annual Flowers for the Cool Months as my second most viewed post for 2023.  Hope all of you reading this are enjoying some beautiful flowers.  If not – why not start 2024 with some color?!  In Low and Middle Desert go get some right now! Well, maybe if you are not reading this late at night… 😉


Calendula Flowers are Easy to Grow is ranked as fourth most viewed post.  Is this because of the people taking my online Making Herbal Lotion class?  I make a lotion with calendula in that presentation, and possibly they now want to know how to grow this charmer.  If you want to take the class as well, be sure to use the coupon HAPPY2024 for a nice discount.  The coupon is good until the end of January, and the class is available until the end of 2024.

Native Plants

Native oaks, and trees, and shrubs, and vines, and perennials, oh my!  I could write about one native plant a week still be writing posts well into the NEXT century!  But you, gentle readers, also want to know about other topics, so I sprinkle them about with other topics.  Maybe I should do more about natives?  Please add a comment way (way!) down at the bottom of this page.


Desert Goji – Lovely Lycium was my fifth most viewed post.  Edible berries.  Attractive to  cardinals and other beautiful birds.  Reputed to be healthy for humans. Low water. So many positive reasons to grow this plant.

There’s the top five for 2023.  Keep those questions coming and let’s see what 2024 will bring!

More about ALL of these topics in this book:

soule-books-buyOne reviewer said:

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The book’s author is Jacqueline Soule, a Tucson-based gardening expert. She knows this arid region inside and out, and she’s written several articles and books packed with her gardening advice. Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico Month-by-Month Gardening showcases Soule’s expertise in one easy-to-read guide.”

This book (and others) are available on my book selling site.  Buy the book there, and the Horticulture Therapy non-profit Tierra del Sol Institute will get a few pennies – at no extra cost to you.

About Your Southwest Yard & Garden

I was told to more actively sell my “products.”   I responded, “Start blowing my own horn more?!  I’m a gardener and a writer, not a sales agent!” but here goes:

soule-lotion-classAs well as writing about plants, I offer classes online and in person.  Then there is the fun and informative Membership site the Gardening With Soule Membership Club. There are many wonderful features to the Club site – in-depth detail on topics (more than mere blog posts) – specific plant profiles – care videos – monthly live Q & A sessions, and much more.

Why do I do all this writing and teaching?

So that you will succeed with your gardening goals, and enjoy gardening here as much as I do!


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