November 2022 Garden Calendar

It’s November and that means weather is cooling off. You will need to keep an eye out for frost – depending on your region of the Southwest. Might have already happened for you.

Push Your Zone

In Carson City, Nevada they already have some snow. But in other areas of the Southwest, I encourage you to live (a little) dangerously. In Middle and Low Desert go ahead and keep planting your vegetable seeds through this month! Succession planting is ideal for a continuous crop of lettuces, radish, spinach, and all those yummy salad greens. Defiantly plant some nursery seedlings of the cool herbs – like parsley, cilantro, dill, fennel.

Cool season color – pansies! Edible too. Photo courtesy

November Garden To-Do List


Plant annual seasonal color, either seedlings, plants, or bulbs.
November is time to plant spring-flowering bulbs in amended beds or pots.
Start forcing bulbs indoors for holiday color.

Calendula It’s an herb – and a lovely winter flower!

Don’t forget some yummy cool-season herbs for your holiday cooking.  So many are easy to grow in winter!

Plant your winter vegetables.  Yes – rip out the tomatoes.  You can eat them green, and here is how.

It is not too late to sneak in some wildflowers!


Reduce irrigation frequency if you haven’t already.
November is a good time to repair the irrigation system or install one. Now while it is cooler.  Now before Spring catches you unawares and it’s one of those “coulda’ shoulda'” situations.

Emitters like this are for the vegetable garden or under groundcovers. Otherwise too much is lost to evaporation.


Some citrus may be ripe. Store fruit on the tree until use for best flavor.
You have 5 to 6 weeks in autumn to enjoy tangerines. Most other citrus is later.

Almond varieties include those that ripen in August and those that ripen in October into November. I know when I would rather be outdoors harvesting food.

Harvest pecans and late almonds.
Harvest the last of the pomegranates.

General November Chores

Catch and remove winter weeds as they germinate.  Do this in Novemer because next month is a busy one.  Here are 8 tips to eliminate weeds in your garden.


Rake up autumn leaves if you have a mind to.  Best is to rake them in under the plants they fell off of for slow decay. Or add to compost bin.  If you have a vegetable garden you can bury in unused beds for slow decay.

Cover tender plants if frost is expected.

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