March Garden Tasks

March can be a busy month in the garden. Here are some of the things to get done this month.

Weather Repeats Itself

Just like hsitory.  You my hear people complain about this “odd” winter we are having in the Southwest – but they haven’t been here long enough. Cold, windy, dry at first, and then late rains. This all happens every 50 years or so. Last time was 1968, and we had our last frost in Tucson in April that year.


Remember that “Last Frost Date” is a fifty percent chance only, meaning we coud have frost after “Last Frost.” See more about last frost – here.


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March Gardening Tasks

  • Control weeds before they go to seed.weeds-soule-gardening
  • Fertilize over-seeded Bermudagrass lawns.
  • Add a layer of mulch around winter vegetables to help keep the soil cool and prolong their growing season.
  • Clean up herb beds. Make cuttings if desired.
  • Clean up chrysanthemums that you bought last autumn. Make any desired cuttings for fall color.
  • Divide perennial bulbs after they are done flowering (but not the rhizomes of iris).

If you do get wildflowers growing in your yard.  Go ahead and give them some extra water from the hose to help prolong the bloom.  Cover image is one of my favorite spring deser wildflowers – the desert blue bells.  But I’m very fond of the one below too.  Recognize it?  Answer at the end of the post.


These March Tasks Depend on Elevation

Low Desert (Yuma, Phoenix) – do these now.
Middle Desert (Tucson, Las Vegas) – do these after mid-March.
High Desert (Sierra Vista, Elko) – wait until April.

  • Prune frost damaged plants.
  • Plant spring vegetables in the garden.soule=seedlings-vegetables-gardening
  • Plant trees, shrubs, and perennials.
  • Prune oleanders.
  • Change irrigation controller to “Spring” settings.
  • Prune ornamental grasses to 6 – 8 inches tall (crew cut!).
  • Fertilize grapes and roses with a general fertilizer.
  • Plant out tomato plants. Be ready to protect in case of late frost.

Name that purple wildflower

Answer: it’s chia!  Salvia columbariae

Need More Monthly Tips?

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From the review:

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      Thanks for your kind words. So glad you found my site!
      Most of what I write is also appropriate for gardening in your region of the world. If you can – visit Moti K. at the Botanica Nursery in Cfar Rut. He has some lovely plants.

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