Hummingbirds Love Spring

Spring flowers are beginning to bloom and hummingbirds are zipping around, collecting nectar and a few insects while they are at it.

Entice the Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds need more than just sugar-water feeders. Like most animal life, they need a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. This means that they do need some flower nectar.

More than Just Food

Every living thing on earth needs food, water, and a place to live. Hummingbirds will need shelter along with their food.


About water – yes, hummingbirds can often be seen basking in a fountain – bathing and sipping on a sunny day. So a thick shady tree and a gently bubbling fountain would be appreciated by hummers – and by humans too!

Flowers Provide

If you look carefully in many flowers, you will spot tiny flower thrips – a great protein snack for hummers. Many other tiny gnats and the like inhabit your garden, most of whom you will never notice. But the hummingbirds will!


Which Plants?

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Plan for Swaths of Flowers

A visit to a local plant nursery (not a big box store) will offer any number of low-water hummingbird attracting plants.

BUT! Don’t simply get one of each kind! Your yard will turn into an unattractive hodge-podge of plants. Plus humming birds need many flowers to sip from when they swoop in for a visit.

Better for your overall design, and for the hummingbirds ease of use, is to create a swath of color. Maybe a swath of colorful “hummingbird trumpet.” I put hummingbird trumpet in italics because there are about forty-eleven plants with that name.


Your swath of color can have layers to it. Lower perennial plants in front, taller shrubs in back. Groundcover plants at their feet, filling in. Yes, hungry humming birds will visit groundcovers – I have seen them hover within inches of the ground to sip nectar.

Flowers All Year

The hardest thing to plan is for the seasonality of flowers in your landscape. No plant will bloom all year. Thus you need to plan your planting to have successive waves of color. Perhaps add some of the true aloe – with yellow flowers – they bloom in January, and hummingbirds adore them. Also consider a wildflower garden full of penstemons – they bloom in March and April. How to Grow Wildflowers – like this penstemon.

Learn More

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