25 Plants to Divide in Fall

Fall is time to divide your plants – at least some of them. Yes, it is still fairly hot out there at mid-day, and not so much fun to work outside – but this is a task that will reward you next spring! Why Divide? Just like you separate quarreling sibling humans, you need to separate a clump of sibling perennial plants that are growing too close together. They may look friendly above ground – but down in the soil the roots are fighting for space, and nutrients, and even […]

Spring Wildflowers in 5 Easy Steps

Wildflowers in the Southwest spring. Who doesn’t want some?!Great news is that there are 5 simple steps to have them in your yard this spring. But first some background. Why Plant Wildflowers Now? Yes plant them Autumn!  Spring wildflowers bloom in the Sonoran and Mojave Deserts in response to the winter rains off the Pacific Ocean. Thus you have to get the wildflower seed into the soil now, because their genes are telling them that now is the time to grow. Now, in the cooling soils of autumn. Which Wildflowers? […]

Fertilize For Fall – Now and How

Fertilize now – as the season turns towards Fall. Fall is for Fertilizer It is not officially Fall yet (starts September 21), but summer is winding down, and plants know it. For them the nights are getting longer, the suns rays slant in the sky, plus the ground starting to cool off. Plants that go winter dormant are already starting to store in their roots what they need for next year. Yes, even desert plants go dormant, or at least slow down, in winter. Science Nerd shares – how plants […]

Autumn Color for Desert Gardens

Many of my readers become nostalgic as Autumn progresses. They miss the colorful fall foliage they enjoyed “Back East.” Fear not! You can enjoy brilliant fall foliage right here in the Southwest! Just add some of these plants. Note about the Plant Names The Southwest is large and plant common names vary widely and wildly across the region. I have loaded this post with the scientific names to help you when you go shopping for some of these beauties. Low Water Autumn Color Tops in colorful trees is the Chinese […]