Garden Calendar for September 2022

September is a busy time in gardens around the Northern Hemisphere, and the Southwest is no exception. Days are Getting Shorter Autumn is nigh and the days are getting shorter. This tells plants to GROW! Easy to do because the soil is still warm from the summer heat, but days and nights are cooler. These factors all make September ideal for planting trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, bulbs, groundcovers, wildflowers, herbs, […]

Theme Your Garden

Theme parks, like Disneyland, are a place to go and be entertained by the personalities created by Disney studios. Theme gardens are a landscape and garden that are personalized and unique to the individual(s) that live in that space. Personalize Your Space People like to personalize their “stuff.” You see it everywhere, things like family stickers on cars, unique cell phone ring tones, stylized computer covers, etc. There are so […]

Compost & HOA’s – Compost Done Correctly

It is easy to create compost in a dry climate. Properly done, composting is not unsightly, nor does it smell, or invite pests. I discussed the basics last week (here). More than the Basics Do you get my newsletter? One reader who does emailed me via the link at the bottom and asked for help creating an HOA approved compost area. After several missives we determined that it might have […]

Compost in the Desert – Introduction

Compost in the desert is not hard – it is just different from what all the gardening books written for other climates tell you to do. We live in a unique area, so you need to use some unique approaches. “Compost Happens” – NOT! That bumper sticker (and tee shirt) slogan just doesn’t work in the desert.  Our usual humidity of 15 to 30 percent is just not enough for […]

Create an Outdoor Office

An outdoor office are easy to add to your living space.  In this time of working from home and meeting online it makes great sense too. The Basics of an Outdoor Office Outdoor office work spaces don’t need to be elaborate. All you need is a wireless signal, a flat surface for your laptop and beverages, and some shade so you can easily view your screen. Porches My home is […]